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The vibe is real.


Mylivn aimed to be the first European social lifestyle app that offers a comprehensive network services, including communication, shopping, mobility, and payment. To announce the launch of this new super app, we created the first performance campaign to raise the awareness.

Considering raising brand awareness and growing the community, the campaign targeted on both young content creators and content readers. They are fashionable, stylish, appealing, and inspirational. The campaign strategy was to enhance the creativity and the real connections in Mylivn app. The key vision presented human characters passing through a phone frame to echo the real experience from the real life. Also, visually, the colorful brushes dynamically enhance the character's movement and amplify the vide is real.


Agency : Mylivn, Munich
My role: Art direction

Publish: Jan 2021

Channels: Google, FB & Instagram​
Countries: FR, IT, ES, PT, UK

La vibra es real.
L'eccitazione è reale.
A vibe é boa.
L'ambiance est réelle.

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