Sarbach Advertisement

Sarbach started as a real estate company striving for Swiss quality life, and they reached out to international markets to expand their market category. To target international clients for their advertisement, we showcased Swiss signature landscape, culture, craftsmanship, and holiday activities to catch customer's attention.

Agency: Real Estate Sarbach, Switzerland

My role: Graphic designer

Friendship Posters

Make a bright future together

To broaden Sarbach's international market, I designed a poster to be put on Sarbach's front door where tourists would gather, as Sarbach's office is at the center of Leukerbad, a city famous for its hot spring. The poster aimed to visualize the strong friendship between Switzerland (Sarbach group) and the Asia clients. Therefore, the hero image displays two auspicious animals – Chinese dragon and Swiss cow, side by side, integrated as one. In addition, the illustration corresponds to both cultures and the color scheme builds a festival vibe. 

European Magazine: Single Page Ad

Pure swiss living

Every season, Sarbach launched an ad in the European magazine to advertise their business for international audience, especially wealthy seniors. This year, they wanted to refurbish their style while showcasing the information and property photos. To that end, I utilized the appealing Swiss landscape and exciting outdoor activities as the key vision to demonstrate the typical living environment in Switzerland. The lines and types together built a geometric form, which should be catchy and distinguished from other ads.

2019 / Winter Issue
2020 / Summer Issue
2020 / Winter Issue

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