Connecting you to people and places you love​

Mylivn is a smart social network with a unique channel system and an interactive map, which set it apart from other social apps. While many platforms circulate the internet, we know Gen Zs demand more authenticity, worldwide views, and care more about their connections with the local communities. Therefore, we visualize this connection on our powerful interactive map - This is the main goal for the Q3 campaign.

The campaign comprises three video ads, publish at different periods, to demonstrate the look and feel of the app interface.

Agency : Mylivn
My role: Art direction / Video 
Copy: Mylivn marketing team

Publish: June- September 2021 (mylivn has changed the visual identity recently, here are remaining the old visual identity).

Channels: Google, FB/IG, Snapchat

​Countries: ES, IT, US, South America


We also develop a series of billboards to be placed in different cities. The ads, look like Mylivn app interface, show map pins of popular spots such as events or restaurants that people search of the city.