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Agency : AKQA, US
My role: Art direction 

Publish: May to July 2016

Email Campaign

Accomplished Apple DM campaigns for several seasons, including Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Back to the School Q1/Q2. 

As a digital designer, my task was to develop central ideas for both project concept and layout. I also managed and delivered files that are adaptable to different devices (e.g., mobile, desktop). In our working process, I worked closely with copywriters (AKQA) and programmers (AKQA/Apple) in the creative team. We always kept our eyes on every detail for each other.


To deliver insightful, playful, and friendly perception.

To motivate repeat purchase and to strengthen brand identity.


To disseminate messages to target audience rapidly and precisely.

To create simple, trendy, and unique layouts that increase product value.


By intensively discussing ideas with team members on wireframe/mood board, we identified appropriate materials and condensed them into layout elements. We also adapted the latest trend, and met high quality standards.

Please click the link to see Q1,Q2 email campaign

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