IBRA Icons

Zubisoft is funded by Prof. Zuberbuhler, an eye surgeon who created an innovative tool to improve eye surgery process and to manage patient's data. I was commissioned to design the navigation icons for their surgery outcome analysis software, IBRA. Since the target users are clinic employees and patients, the challenge of this icon design was to visualize each event in the treatment process while keeping them intuitive.

Agency: Zubisoft, Switzerland
My role: Graphic Designer



INSIGHT offers quality outcome dashboards for laser eye surgery providers who want to understand, improve, and monitor key clinical measures for their patient treatments. I had a great experience in designing the identity of INSIGHT. The logo consists of two elements: A word mark and an icon. The icon expresses the quality outcome of laser eye surgeries by combining three elements: precision, foresight, and comprehensiveness.


INSIGHT logo design concept video

Logos Animation