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amp branding

As part of my responsibilities, I aim to establish a distinctive and easily identifiable visual identity for amp. To achieve this goal, I devised an amp pattern that ensures a cohesive and uniform appearance across various channels, such as presentation decks, social media platforms, websites, and marketing collateral.
amp pattern creation inspires from the amp brand tonality.
1. Warm
2. Rational Irrational
3. Inspiring
4. Confident
5. Aesthetic

The challenge

Although I cannot alter amp's current logo and color scheme, which mainly consists of warm tones such as yellow, pink, and black, I am faced with the challenge of creating a visually striking design. To achieve this, I aim to introduce a contrasting color to the palette. Consequently, I have decided to incorporate black or grayscale as a balancing element.

amp pattern

The pattern is composed of basic shapes such as circles and rectangles arranged in geometric configurations. Its purpose is to evoke musical melodies and convey a playful atmosphere.



While we appreciate the playful and attractive nature of this pattern, I have encountered difficulties in applying it across various platforms. Therefore, I need to explore alternative methods of utilizing colors and shapes.



Incorporate the pattern and shape concept into the design of the presentation deck, social media accounts, and marketing materials, keeping in mind that the latter is still under development at amp.



As a transparent and cosmopolitan company, amp's design should embody these values. To achieve this, I propose incorporating the corporate color scheme and conceptual framework into the creation of the "Touch Points" icons that represent all aspects of the company's operations and appeal to the target audience's characteristics.

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